Summer Break is Over!

Summer break is over! Well, I wasn’t on summer break, but apparently I haven’t posted anything all summer! How embarrassing… Where have I been? Here! Working, and sadly, blogging less. It’s been busy and often I hardly find even five minutes to myself per day, and then I’m wrapped up in projects that I don’t take the time to document, which is the purpose of this blog. I know it’s not about having everything wrapped up in a perfect bow, but about sharing insight into the behind-the-scenes and simple daily’s of having a coffee shop. Why is that so hard? Well here are three things just keeping it real:

Moods. I mostly write when I’m happy or inspired. I can externally express after I’ve internally processed, and being caught up in a whirlwind of projects hasn’t given me much room to take a breath. There may be a moment of calm waters, but another moment can quickly paralyze me in overwhelmingness again, and then it’s so hard to even put out a word. These moments I don’t understand what’s going on and have to simply take it a step at a time, and I’m left not feeling motivated to write or share. I’ve got nothing, because I’m simply still processing.

Manys. And after said processing, I tell myself it’s time to decompress in a post, but I’m thrown into another project! My mind isn’t necessarily stuck in a funk, but there are so many demands that the idea of yet another one to write an obligatory post just won’t do. I want to be consistent here, or at least have a schedule going, but the more demands pressing for my time, the more I want to say no to it all! I love writing and posting, so I hate that I haven’t, but when I feel pressured or obligated to do something, I have to say no. I can’t be controlled by my to-do lists and don’t want these demands to add up and weigh me down.

Managing Time. Then there are times I can and want to post, but it must succumb to other priorities in life. The countless priorities apart of SONDER itself are trying to be balanced in my personal and relational life. Time management has been a weakness of mine for a couple years now, and being a shop owner is stretching me to grow in it, while at the same time revealing the weak areas that still remain. There are so many fragile parts of life and things that require my attention– relationships especially– and I constantly struggle to make time and have energy for it all. So even though I might have physical time to write posts, I have other things that need that time, especially because there are weeks I do spend my time working on SONDER and people keep getting pushed aside.

Summer Break is Over

I didn’t want to give you excuses, but I didn’t want to just pop in with posts again! There is always something going on with us– changes and things we’re growing in– and I do want to share and bring you into it. But sometimes I can hardly handle it, as I’m often drowning in a sea of to-do lists and just trying to get through the week!  Life doesn’t always fit into scheduled posts and organized processes, but this blog has done a good job of holding me accountable to the goals I have and letting people in to share this journey with them. It challenges me to keep moving forward and writing and sharing when I feel like giving up… because the “story” isn’t over. Although we’ve somehow managed to start a coffee shop, the next seemingly impossible thing is to manage one. And grow one. And I have few words for that right now!

I’m still in the process of so many lessons around me, but I do want to be better about putting together posts; to hone in the inspiration when I am motivated and collecting lessons. You can expect some new posts on things we’re currently learning as new owners diving into the coffee world, as well as some to fill in the gap from topics in starting a coffee shop. Let me know if there are topics you’re hoping to read about these next few months, and don’t mind sharing some of your time management tips too! 😉 Thanks for all the messages and emails of encouragement and questions; it means a lot to have your support in reading our story!

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