SONDER Day In The Life: Springtime Series

I realized I never showed you what springtime at SONDER Coffee was like this year! Well before the summer wraps up and we head into fall and life goes on, I might as well do it now. Plus it was lovely looking back at these mouth-watering drinks during this delicate and awakening time of the year…

The Springtime Crown

Our romantic and whimsical crown was handmade by Deb from Home-Spice Designs! She manages to put a flair on everything she touches, and I just love how the colors and textures came together on our skull.

The Springtime Menu

Our menu was inspired by the pastel colors, citrus freshness, and delicate florals of springtime. First off, the Rose Latte: floral and fragrant, sweet and delicious. Making it with real rose petals actually made people “feel good” drinking it, which makes sense since rose helps with stress and depression– not to mention blood pressure and women’s health. Cheers to that!

We tried our best to capture the feel and taste of springtime blossoms in our Orange Blossom latte. People kept asking for this one way past the season’s end… it’s soft-citrus and dreamsicle sweetness had wooed everyone.


Oh, the Cascara Fizz. We tasted our first cascara drink at Kaffeine in London and it made a huge impression on us: how cool that you can make a drink from the fruit of the coffee cherry? Inspired by Blue Bottle’s famous cascara fizz, we added it so our Denver community can enjoy the unique taste. We used cascara from Corvus Coffee, and in soda form had refreshing and subtle notes of dried fruit and light florals. Many said it reminded them of a golden raisin or tamarind. Flavors are fun!

The Cherry Cold Brew was another favorite. Our rich cold brew was paired with tart cherries for a deep and complex spin on coffee. Just a hint of sweet and sparkle… yes, we’ll have to do this one again. Ernest almost refused to discontinue it. Like he genuinely got mad at me!

What is Coffee Lemonade? We got that question a lot! Imbibe’s predicted drink of the year made our menu for being Arnold Palmer’s classy, sophisticated and fun-loving cousin– made with iced coffee instead of lemonade. We fell in love with this drink especially on hot sunshiney days as it’s super addicting, refreshing and easy to guzzle down.

Our warm Colorado spring also got us addicted to flavored lemonades quite early on in the year. Rose, Honey Lavender and Raspberry- all housemade. Oh, I miss the rose like crazy!

It was fun, and the continuing challenge is to keep putting out drinks that people will love enough to forgive us from taking them away… that’s a lot of pressure! 🙂 What are some of your favorite springtime flavors? Or a spring vibe you wish you could taste? Comment below friends!

Springtime at SONDER Coffee Day in the Life

Day in the Life: Series 8 Springtime at SONDER
Date: February 2017

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