SONDER Day In The Life: Series 4 Dawn & Dusk

A quiet early morning. Opening the door to a clean, fresh shop; everything in it’s place. Click on the lights, turn on the soft indie electro tunes. Weigh and grind fresh coffee and brew the first pot. As the world is taking their time to wake up, you pour yourself a mug and watch the sunrise spill an orange-pink over the Rocky Mountains right into our very shop. Here’s a little of what that looks like in this SONDER Day in the Life Series 4: Dawn and Dusk.

Sometimes a still morning lingers. Other times it’s hardly existent, and customers will pour in increasingly throughout the hour– or worse, come in waves of traffic light rushes. Either way you find it’s important to slow down your mind and enjoy the moment; to look people in the eye and be attentive to the patterns and differences that stick out in the day. Some days drag on, but others before you know it the sun is setting, you’re cleaning up, and putting everything back in it’s place for the next day.

Just like the dawn and dusk, I’m slowly adapting to the rhythm of the coffee shop life, and learning that it is one of perseverance, endurance, and long-term momentum. It’s looking at the big picture of our shop’s place in the community, but also zeroing in into the detail of an intricately crafted cup served to a single individual one at a time. I may be overly poetic about this, but these simple moments give me perspective. Throughout the ups and downs, at the end of the day, I chose this and choose to enjoy it!

SONDER Coffee Day in the Life Dawn & Dusk

Day in the Life: Series 4 Dawn and Dusk
Date: January 2017

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