SONDER Day In The Life: Coffee Cupping

Coffee cupping is a method of evaluating and tasting the quality and profiles of different coffees. It’s a must for anyone in a coffee career, and as a coffee shop we do it at least once a week. What we’ve also starting doing is small public coffee cupping for our customers and community, which has been a lot of fun! Corvus Coffee Roasters, who provides our current flagship espresso and drip (roasted locally in Denver), is amazing at hosting this time bringing people together over coffee. We love using these as a way to bring our customers together learning about coffee, tasting amazing Corvus blends and single origins (and guests too), and where others can meet fellow coffee lovers. It’s been so fun!

Here is a SONDER Day in the Life from our first public cupping. If you need some structure, I explain the coffee cupping process here, which is actually from our first cupping experience with Corvus. It’s funny to see how much things have evolved since then!

Doug and Dom from Corvus take us all through the cupping procedure, starting with smelling the dry grounds. They usually get bombarded with questions along the way :). We love that our customers are so interested in coffee- whether they’re just starting out and looking for a new favorite, or wanting to roast their own. Coffee really does bring people together!

If you’re in Denver and want to come by one of our public cuppings, we’d love to have you! Contact us to find out when the next one is. Come by to learn a little bit more about coffee, wherever you’re at along the journey. Taste come awesome single origins and blends, and meet some pretty cool people too!

SONDER Coffee Day in the Life: Coffee Cupping

Day in the Life: Coffee Cupping Series 1.0
Photo Cred: SONDER featuring Lianna Minayeva
Date: January 20, 2017

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