SONDER Coffee Day in the Life: Series 3 Lazy Sunday

Series three features a sunny lazy Sunday afternoon. Colorado’s January sunshine streams into our windows as groups of friends take the time to slowly sip their drinks over casual convos, in between open books and open lap tops. All three of us –Pop, Ernest and I– were in this afternoon which gave us time to play around with the Kalita pourover, and to sip and chat a bit ourselves. Sunshine, smiles, a steady pace on the bar as time slows down a little around us marks the pace of this chill, lazy Sunday in this SONDER Coffee Day in the Life.

Day in the Life: Series 3 – Lazy Sunday
Date: January 2017

SONDER Coffee Day in the Life Lazy Sunday

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  1. Hey Julia, This day looks great! I do hope to visit someday to experience a day like this. The different coffees are so tempting. I am sure each is delightful. I encourage you to say more about your beautiful pictures in these posts. It is so fun to follow the narrative you have created. I love to see those Bibles open in your shop. The pastries look amazing, I would buy a whole stand. Best wishes to you three and Sonder!

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    • Julia

      Why thank you! I’d love for you to come by too; if you’re ever in Denver please do. Thanks for reading and enjoying! 🙂

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