Exploring Denver Coffee Shops

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Exploring Denver Coffee Shops

The expanding coffee scene in Denver is so exciting. Great owners have decided to pour their skills into their businesses that give people all sorts of ways to experience coffee. Whether it’s in a quality artisan cup, a hip and modern atmosphere, a chill place to study or relax, a rugged and eclectic interior… the diversity offers something for everyone. It inspires us to continue to find something different that’s not done yet—because although we love something from these various shops, our PERFECT shop still exists only in our mind!! (Entrepreneurs: Why should you research existing shops as an aspiring coffee shop owner?)

I’ve compiled a list of some of coffee shops I’ve enjoyed in Denver thus far… and there still are so many more to discover! Obviously my descriptions are by no means extensive, they’re just the favorite things that stuck out to me. I usually prefer shops with an inviting and relaxing atmosphere, but so far all of these are different and uniquely offer their brews in their own special ways. Take a visit, and be sure to let me know which ones are your favorite in the comments! (Click the shop name to visit their website).

Top 10: Denver Coffee Shops (so far!)


1. Stella’s Coffee HouseStella's Coffee House

I’m going to get Stella’s out of way, because I already mentioned it in one of my previous posts. I love the laid-back homey atmosphere and cozy rooms inside, and especially enjoy sitting outside under the lights or around the firepits in the summertime. I prefer coffee shops with an atmosphere that I can hang out with a group of friends, which means it’s inviting and physically big enough. When Stella’s isn’t crowded, it’s a great place for that! They source Pablo’s Coffee.. but I’m more in love with their s’mores cake and their long list of teas.

2. Purple Door Coffee

Our good friend Ian Purple Door Coffee Latte & Pietold us about Purple Door one day and told us to check out this video on their mission as a coffee shop. I’m pretty sure Ernest started crying… so their vision to help homeless young adults had us loving them before we even walked into the door. There is even more to love as their staff is so warm and friendly. They have a simple menu with homemade vanilla, chocolate, and caramel syrups that put their drinks way above average (especially because Sweet Bloom and Corvus coffees are already amazing – and Ernest’s two favorites). The apple-cranberry mini pie was delicious.. and the decor is so classy and quaint. Honestly, one of my favorite decor styles entirely.

Purple Door Coffee

3. Boxcar at The Source

When I was still hardly a coffee drinker, my friend Christa took me to The Source. I got a latte, and Boxcar as been one of my favorite coffees since. The flavor is rich, deep, and incredibly smooth, and the latte-art presentation is lovely and professional. The Source itself is also so unique, as it’s a warehouse with a few different restaurants and artisan shops within it. It’s modern, professional atmosphere is great for building relationships, relaxing, and networking. Not to mention, Boxcar is also Pop’s favorite roaster so far!

The Source Denver Boxcar at The Source Espresso Boxcar at The Source Latte


Roostercat Coffee House4. Roostercat Coffee House

Roostercat definitely sticks out for their hip and chill atmosphere, and is a good place to bring small groups as well. Like I said, I love firepits, and they have a few in their front and side patios outside, as well as couches, and small and community tables for studying and socializing. Brick interiors make me happy, and so does a good italian soda, which they do really well here. And I’m dying to try one of their waffle sandwiches.


Roostercat Coffee House


5. Crema Coffee House

Crema Coffee DrinksCrema has a hip, modern, and artistic atmosphere. I love the graffiti art both inside and outside, as well as the rugged interior in general. Their small but specialized menu is really different, offering food items like sweet potato waffles, daily quiches and sandwiches including pork belly bahn mi and Moroccan meatball. They even have kombucha on tap, which I HAD to try [apple rose- light, fragrant and delicious!]

Bardo Coffee House


6. Bardo Coffee House

Bardo’s is cool to lounge and chill at. It seems to be always packed, but it’s a hip, eclectic place that’s fun to try out. I love their variety seating from the small tables, to booths, to the loungy 70’s-basement feel they have in the back. Their speciality drinks are really tasty, sourced from Kaladi Coffee Roasters, and I love a good italian soda–these guys do it pretty good.


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7. Weathervane Cafe

My friends Jannet and Brian introduced me to Weathervane Cafe one day, and it is the cutest thing!!! It already looks different than all the other coffee shops I’ve seen so far, and it’s definately a hidden gem. I love its cute, unique, vintage atmosphere that I’ve seen nowhere else like this. As if the first level wasn’t captivating enough, follow the narrow little staircase up to a quaint sunlit room that looks like a little attic! What a fun place to enjoy a coffee.

Weathervane Cafe

Weathervane Cafe

Weathervane Cafe


8. Steam Espresso Bar

Steam is classy and hip, but also down-to-earth because of their friendly baristas that love to welcome a variety of people, which is awesome if you don’t consider yourself 100% hipster. =] They take pride in how they prepare their Boxcar coffee (on the lighter side), and all their pastries look so perfect! Love the elegant brick interior and design as well. In fact, their whole brand looks clean and classy to me, so aestically pleasing!

Steam Espresso Bar Denver

Steam Espresso Bar Denver

Corvus Coffee Denver

9. Corvus Coffee Roasters

Corvus coffee has a clean and minimal decor, but what you really go here for is the coffee. It has strong, bold, rich and crisp flavors, and they know what they’re doing! One of Ernest and Pop’s favorite roasters for a flavor specializing in a delicious medium roast that is perfectly done– far from ever tasting burnt. I’m looking forward to trying their kombucha or cold brew too next time I go!


Corvus Coffee DenverCorvus Coffee Denver


10.  Wash PerkWash Perk Coffee Mocha

I like the eclectic, creative, colorful and fun atmosphere of Wash Perk. And I’m a big fan of the variety seating; there are cute living room looking sections, a community table, lap-top bar, study tables of different sizes and heights, and every spot looks just as cozy as the next. When that sheer sunshine streams in, it just feels perfect!

Wash Perk Coffee Denver

Bonus: Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters

Sweet Bloom doesn’t fit the Denver list because it’s in Lakewood, but their coffee is top-notch amazing. Our friends Anya and John told us about Sweet Bloom as one of their favorite coffee roasters, and I can certainly see why. Their shop seats about 10 customers max, and you can tell all their energy and pride goes into roasting premium artisan coffee. The owner, Andy, lives and breathes coffee, and has won multiple championships for his craft. In fact, when Ernest was in Portland, multiple shops knew his name and were sourcing his coffee. It’s one of Ernest’s favorite coffees, and worth the trip -to Lakewood that is, but Portland always. =]

Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters

Sweet Bloom Coffee Latte

What are your favorites?  What new places do you recommend? Do share! 

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