Designing a Logo – an Inside Look

Many have asked about our name and logo, and if you’re wondering with how we came up with I’ve described the year-long process in this post. But today, I wanted to share the inside look behind developing and designing a logo – our SONDER logo- from the perspective of it’s artist and graphic designer, Filip Popa. He creatively and methodically took our concept and brought it to life in a way that dynamically matches our brand and is captures the attention of many at SONDER Coffee & Tea.  You can see this process and more of what he does on his Behance, which is where the following is taken from.

Designing a Logo – An Inside Look – SONDER Coffee & Tea –  Filip Popa

Designing A Logo

I just love that insight into the creative process. I’m just going to stop talking right here because there’s no need to even over explain– just appreciate it! 🙂

Inside Look Logo Design

Again, you can check out this post if you’d like to continue reading on the meaning and heart behind the name and logo. And for a more informative post on what to consider in coming up with a name and logo, continue reading here.


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