Coming Soon: SONDER Coffee & Tea

Well friends, it’s been a very eventful year. Let’s see, after we decided we wanted to open up a coffee shop, we hit the ground running on our business plan, getting into the coffee industry, and even took a trip to Northern Europe to gather inspiration from some of speciality coffee’s most influential shops. There have been a lot of ups, but also downs as we moved from our home to focus on this venture, almost bought an existing coffee shop, and have been learning to overcome all sorts of fears and obstacles. It’s a crazy feeling realizing that so much of our lives have been invested in this future shop, and there is no plan B.

Yet this past week marked a HUGE milestone for our coffee shop journey as we signed our lease, reaching a point of no return! Thus we are honored to announce, coming this summer to the Denver/Aurora area in Colorado, SONDER Coffee & Tea.

SONDER Coffee & Tea

The word “sonder” itself is a noun describing the realization that each person in your life has their own story of which they are the main character, as you are in yours. A coffee shop is a place where so many different lives cross, where countless stories can be shared, and hopefully a place where community can be built. But I’ll be sharing more on behind the name and our beautiful logo and brand very soon…

sonder (n): the realization that each random passerby has a life just as vivid and complex as your own

A story rooted, timely growing, illustrates the necessity of being grounded and rooted in life.
A story fragile, ever changing gives us the reality that life is also fragile and temporary, that tomorrow isn’t promised.

And we at SONDER Coffee & Tea, is where those stories cross; an ordinary community shop where these two realities play out behind the scenes in people’s lives. We’re a point in time where stories are unraveled and lives can be shared, to be a place to belong through a seemingly simple crossroads: a cup of coffee.

Can you believe the time has come? We’re so thankful for all your support in following our journey along. All the comments, shout outs, and other encouragement means so much to us. We can hardly believe that in just a couple months, we’ll be able to settle into our shop and community and, well…. serve up some coffee love! At the same time, it all has hardly even begun, and there’s so much work to do. The story en route to SONDER Coffee will continue to unravel here on Dream|a|Latte, so keep up on Instagram for first-see pictures and updates on our posts.

As for SONDER Coffee & Tea, follow us directly on our website, Facebook, and Instagram for updates on the build out process and opening dates! We’re really excited for what’s to come, and again, thanks for being a part of our story.

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