Coffee Shop Business Plan: Operations

Coffee Shop Business Plan: Operations Section
The Operations section of your business plan gives you a picture of what generally goes into the day-to-day activities of your coffee shop, and what goes on behind the cup of coffee your customers will experience.  It’s up to you how detailed and in-depth you choose to be, as long as you have a realistic idea of how your coffee shop will be up and running. Here are things to consider and include in this section:

Operations Contents

  • List equipment & inventory needed to run your shop. Breakdown your menu and what it takes to prepare them, make them and present them. Research different coffee shop supply lists online and use it to build your own. Also, consider warrantees and service plans regarding certain equipment items.
  • Describe your physical location to create the atmosphere of your shop. What is needed for interior and bar design? Where will things like furniture and lighting come from? Consider things like electrical requirements or water treatment that may be necessary.
  • Describe your workflow, and how you will perform the day-to-day activities. Although these things will be developed in time, consider systems and controls you can later consistently share across management and employees. What does the everyday look like? Think through things like employee standards, sales tracking, ordering policies, inventory control, and cash control in order to have a seamless flow in running your shop.
  • List key suppliers for coffee, food, equipment and other services. Include back up suppliers to unique products.

The Operations section allows you to break down step-by-step what is needed for a smooth opening day, and each day after that. The more detailed you are in where things come from, and how things are done, the more success you– and future management will have in running your shop.

Business Plan Checklist: Operations

Click here for a downloadable Dream|a|Latte Operations Checklist to help you stay organized in writing your coffee shop business plan!

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Note: As a fellow aspiring entrepreneur that simply wants to share my journey with you, know this is information I’ve gathered from various books on starting a coffee shop, business websites, and courses that have helped me in writing my business plan to start a coffee shop. I only hope to share some of these resources to help you get started and inspired, however this is by no means extensive. All materials available in this series are for informational purposes only, and not to be business consulting or legal advice– so do contact a licensed consultant, accountant, or attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem.

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