10 C’s of Strong Social Media Content

It’s been a lot of fun co-managing and building up our Instagram account for SONDER Coffee this last year. We get a lot of compliments on it, which means it must be one thing we do fairly well, and that’s more than we can say for most of our other social media platforms! How do you run a business AND keep up with all of the social media content management, am I right? It’s not easy, but I think IG has been a little better for us since we’ve had fun with it from the beginning and have continued to do so. I’m no expert, but do love branding and finding patterns, so based on what I see in successful accounts that I love, and what we keep in mind on ours, here are 10 C’s of strong social media content we seek to intentionally follow on our preferred platforms (really IG is where we spend more time– so I’d say to start with your favorite and go from there).

10 C's of Strong Social Media Content

1. CAPTURE yourself. And I’m starting with this in considering it the most important. Capture your business being your business, you doing you, because that’s what makes it different from the rest. From a consumer’s point of view, the accounts I follow are those that share, not sell. I don’t want to be sold something every time I open my phone, but seek to be brought into something I share an interest in, and to see someone being themselves and enjoying it in a way unique to them.

2. Captivate others in what you post, relative to the platform. This means to keep things visually appealing in a picture (colors, lighting, composition) or desirable to read (sentence structure, grammar) to capture people’s attention. It seems like common sense, but there are a lot of sloppy posts out there! Take time to capture and share moments that inspire, captivate and appeal to you and your followers.

3. Consistency is important to maintain throughout your profile in order to connect with others and be true to your brand. Be consistent down to the details in pictures, colors, filters, wording, tone, etc., because on a greater level these tie into the consistency of your brand. All of your social media choices should be consistent with your brand (vision, personality, philosophy stuff). This doesn’t mean you can’t change things up, because you’ll definitely evolve as a business, but you can still express the evolution in a consistent manner too.

4. Connect with others. Have fun commenting, liking, messaging and communicating with others in your own way. Thrive off of meeting others and connecting through your posts. This includes their posts as well, allowing yourself as a business to be brought into their lives just as much as you’re letting people into yours.

5. Consider other accounts that you like, whether they’re in your industry or not. Follow and connect with them, and consider what captivates you as a follower to them. Stay inspired and challenged by those who inspire or have made an impression on you. This could also lead to potential collaborations, friendships or just mutual support.

10 C's of Strong Social Media Content

6. Commit to being consistent and following through on your posts. It takes time, which is why it’s hard to be strong on multiple platforms without a plan. We often drop the ball on many social media “musts,” but so far we pick a few things to be intentional about and start there. For us it’s our Instagram– we decided to start with a platform that most fits our current personalities/vision and mode of expression; and because it does we commit to the time and effort in posting.

7. Communicate something in each post, have meaning and purpose in mind. Because we decided to continue posting a picture a day on our Instagram, we have to stay aware that there’s a fine line to posting just to post. We try to connect to the why by asking “what are we trying to communicate with this post?” just to be more intentional– even if the why really is just to share a piece of ourselves to the world.

8. Clarity of who you are should always be apparent. There should be no confusion as to who you are and what you do when someone visits your profile.

9. Competitive advantage describes what sets your business apart. Not only should your business purpose/product be clear but in a subtle way, your social media should slowly communicate what makes your particular business different than the rest too.

10. Creativity. Strong social media profiles are always creative, and capture other’s attention by presenting your unique business personality in a way that hasn’t been done before. Cultivate your creativity: do something that hasn’t been done, have original content, and take something ordinary and present it in a fun, unique way to invite people in. This is the game, the challenge, the color in social media– and what this looks like is very objective and works differently for different people. 🙂

10 C's of Strong Social Media Content

These 10 C’s play a role in our social media philosophy, and even though we don’t excel in all of them, we try to consider these things when it comes to building our presence. Implementing at lease a few will definately set your presence apart from others, and we think it’s simply because these are some of the things we look for on the other end as consumers and fellow instagram lovers.

Whatever platform you decide to use for your business, do it because you like to. What gives us success is that we genuinely love capturing moments and sharing them. It’s crazy that we actually have been able to post a picture everyday for a year, and although we may not always be in the mood, we’ve applied some of these C’s that it still happens to work for us, and it’s not work to us. On the other hand, the platform’s we don’t feel as much are just not as strong, and you can just decide what’s worth not being on- or you could outsource the work to a social media manager.

At the end of the day, there’s no point in social media for the sake of just having one. Enjoy it and be you, otherwise you’ll just be frustrated and feel unfulfilled in it. If you’re already feeling that way, try to apply any of these points to see if there’s a way to make it work out, or try expressing yourself on a platform that does make better sense for you. Whatever you go with, let it fit your brand and make the most out of it!

What are your key concepts to presenting your brand and business on social media? Share your thoughts below!


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